From its experience, BA has obtained Business and Domain specific knowledge in fulfilling the requirements of every major industry. Our trusted and tested Services & Solutions offer cost effective along with secure implementations of Business Applications for the following set of industries:


Our Telecom Consultants and Engineers possess experienced knowledge besides a successful history in the Telecommunications Industry. Aiding Customers in realizing their vision and achieving milestones by adopting internationally recognized practices for projects ranging from Telecom BI, BSS/OSS Outsourcing as well as Co-Sourced Engagements. With our innovation Telecom Framework, we are dedicated to providing complete solutions for our Customers.

  • Operation & Maintenance:

    • Co-Sourced & Outsourced BSS/OSS Support
    • Billing Applications
    • Data Centers
    • Offshore DWH Support & ETL Batch Monitoring

  • Consulting Services:

    • IT Strategy
    • Telecom Center of Excellence
    • Business Project Improvement
    • Project Management Office
    • Consolidation & Standardization
    • Implementation of Test Labs
    • OSS/J Implementation

  • Industry Focus:

    • Wireless & Cellular
    • Fixed Lines (Wired Line)
    • Broadband

  • Integration:

    • Integration of Online Service Portals & Billing Systems
    • Implementation of Web Services to achieve loose coupling among different end points
    • Deploying ESB for SOA realization
    • End to End Implementation
    • Online Payment Services

  • Testing & Quality:

    • Pre and Post rollout of various Billing Applications
    • Independent Validation & Verification Service
    • UAT, OAT Outsourcing, Benchmarking and End to End Performance Testing

  • Telecom Business Intelligence:

    • Development & Implementation of Telecom BI Solutions
    • Designing & Maintaining customized Telecom Data Model


BA has a long rich history in catering to the financial industry, ranging from Banks, Wealth Management as well as Insurance. Our Solutions together with Services are designed to be flexible, agile, robust and scalable to meet any short term as well as long term Objectives for our Customers.

Our Financial Team comprises of individuals from both the IT and Financial Sectors, helping us understand our Customer requirements fully besides providing focused insight of current Financial Services along with Regulatory necessities. With this unique understanding BA can provide Services and Solutions, giving top priority to Risk Management together with Customer Satisfaction.


BA has been a part IT operations in Government Sectors around the world. Experience with various institutes has helped us understand how quality e-Government Initiatives can assist our Customers with Cost Reduction and Operational Efficiency. Resulting in a wide range of Services and Solutions offered through our qualified as well as dedicated staff. BA has assisted Institutes with:

  • Paperless Environment & Seamless Integration
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Information Dissemination & Exchange
  • Information Portals
  • Data Warehousing & Data Mining


Our team provides up to date, remarkable along with imperative features and strategies for our clients. With Clients from around the world, our firm understands the requirement of seamless integration across all platforms besides keeping up with the ever changing and expanding industry, irrespective to the scale of the organization. BA’s experienced staff is committed to offering innovation Solutions & Services for the Hospitality/Service Industry.

Our keys areas in the Hospitality Business are:

  • Customer Management
  • Event Management
  • Multi-Platform Booking
  • Project Management
  • Accounts & Security


In an interconnected world of today, Users demands and requirements are ever expanding, from numerous payment solutions to multiplatform access, are a few of the challenges our Customers encounter. Our teams in depth knowledge along with experience results in a cost effective and reliable e-Commerce Solution or Service focused on integrity, functionality, security together with adaptability. Assisting our Clients to face any potential challenge head on, while leaving room for further expansion.

BA offers various segments for the Retail Industry:

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Direct Store Delivery
  • Web & Portal Technologies
  • Integration
  • Customized Solutions & Services


BA is proud of working alongside the Educational Industry, providing the best possible Solution and Services enables the Organization to spend valuable time focused solely on the education process. Our teams dynamic approach and experience, develops unique and reliable solutions keeping both Management as well as Students in mind.

Solutions & Services provided by BA are:

  • Student Management
    • Admissions
    • Attendance
    • Scheduling
    • Billing
    • Reports
    • Evaluations
  • Registration
  • Online Surveys
  • Education Business Intelligence
  • Web & Portal Technology


BA along with its partners provides IT based solutions for customers involved with the Energy & Utilities Sector including both, Public and Private Organizations. Our teams assist our Customers in adapting to expansion and their commitment to uninterruptible services, by offering innovative, flexible, secure and reliable Solutions.

Our Services include:

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution
  • Conceptual Representation (Ontology Based Modeling)
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Software Testing & Quality Services