Application Development

Aiming to provide our customers with a solution as per requirements and needs is what drives our development team at Business Analytics (Pvt.) Ltd.. Our process involves analyzing the requirements, wants and needs of our customers. Providing them with several solutions, aiding them to adapt the most efficient and cost effective solution while leaving room to accommodate to the constant changing World of Technology.

Guided by CMMI Level 3 Processes, our effective staff provides applications of the highest standards and reliability while preserving the concepts of User Friendly Solutions that are easy to use, deploy and maintain. At BA we take care of every aspect between creating a solution, deployment and maintenance. Our teams look forward to the opportunity of taking our Clients ideas and transforming them into a ‘state of the art’ Technology Solution.

BA’s Development methods are guided by the concepts and standard processes under ISO, CMM and CMMI, while keeping the best practices in view.

  • Integration of the best Quality Processes along with their proper Implementation
  • Development keeping the Customers wants and needs in mind, making sure they fulfill their current business requirements and leaving room for future expansion
  • Common Project Management Framework for various types of projects assuring ease of Implementation
  • Automation of Active Directory Processes and usage of Metrics for process improvements

Classical Waterfall

The waterfall method, a name given for the reason as each process flows like water into the next; each phase has defined entry & exit criterias. Phase transition is triggered by achieving phase end deliverables and management signoffs. Typically suited for small projects.

  • Analysis Phase
  • Design Phase
  • Testing Phase
  • Implementation Phase

Iterative & Incremental

Derived from the well documented helix/iteration software engineering models, the entire project cycle is subdivided into vertical segments known as slices. Each slice is individually developed using the “waterfall method”, allowing for periodic development and progress measurement. This methodology facilitates better risk management, more control over project schedules, and early corrective actions. Slice partitioning is done up front, with the selection criteria being:

  • The slices are vertical, i.e. They are not sub-systems. Slices cut across as much functionality as possible, being tangible sets of functionality while allowing the user to get a look and feel of the system.
  • Slices represent features – in case of schedule slippages, certain functionalities may be differed.
  • Slices are executable and demonstrable.

Our processes allow for a tangible part of the project to be complete at the end of each slice. The deliverables for each of the slices include an executable that meets the functionality, associated analysis, design documentation and test results. Iterative and incremental development facilitates in managing larger projects.

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