Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to a set of methods and technologies that enable organizations in making strategic and tactical decisions. Leveraging on technologies that focus on Counts, Statistics and Business Objectives to improve business performance.

Data Warehouse’s (DW) are a consolidation of information from a variety of sources, designed to support BI Models with strategic and tactical decision making. DW’s main purpose is to provide a coherent picture of an organization with real-time and accurate Data.

Our teams are supported not only by up to date technology but with the experience and understanding of the various requirements industries face today. Providing our customers with the right tools and queries to analyze as well as review their business/industry at any given point. Business Analytics (Pvt.) Ltd. specializes in providing the following BI & DW Solutions:

BI Consultancy

Our firm is experienced in providing BI Services that are highly efficient, flexible, and short-cycled along with providing the right Analytical tools at any various Life Cycle Stage.

  • BI Tools Standardization
  • BI Readiness Assessment
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Data Mart Consolidation
  • Dashboard Assessment

Customized BI Solutions

Our firms experience while working in various industries has helped us develop a unique ability in providing tailor made Business Intelligence Solutions. Along with the four phases of development, BA aims to provide a BI/DW Solution as per requirement for our Customers. 

  • BI Architecture Design
  • BI Security
  • Data Modeling
  • ETL Strategy
  • Analytical Reporting
  • Performance Management
  • Metadata Management

Application Management

Application Management Services support BI/DW implementation through its lifecycle.

  • Monitoring
  • Enhancements
  • Around the Clock Production Support

Data Management Services

Business Services corresponding to Sales, Marketing, Procurement as well as Customer Relations require an incorporated, reliable, consistent and preferably a single source of Data. Providing complete control to Enterprise Data is a vital factor for any Organization aiming to develop cost effective and efficient processes.

  • MDM Readiness Assessment
  • MDM Data Quality Assessment & Governance Services
  • MDM Implementation Services

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