BA’s Human Resource Solution (eHrms), is a dynamic and robust web based tool, developed for handling all aspects of Human Resource. Allowing organizations to adopt a comprehensive approach of processes, utilizing critical skills and knowledge, improving overall performance in an efficient manner. BA developed eHrms in a Modular based hierarchy to distinguish all business areas/segments related to Human Resource.

Organization Chart Module

The Organization Chart Module maintains the Organization Structure up to five levels and defines types of current along with possible future positions of every individual within the Organization.

  • Supports Five Levels of Organization Structure:
  • Maintain Corporate & Functional Titles.
  • Maintain all Grade Scales covering minimum, maximum and midpoint, along with the benefits in relation to Scale of Grade.
  • Maintain and follow-up approved, occupied along with vacant positions for each functional title within a location, as well as in the whole Organization.
  • Generates Grade Expectation Reports.
  • Maintain and follow-up allocation of Employees with reference to their Projects and/or Locations.

Personnel Module

Personnel Module allows management to obtain concise as well as accurate information for planning and oversight of Personnel Manpower.

  • Supports Nationalities, Branches and Categories of Employees.
  • Maintains Employee Contracts.
  • Supports Probation & Notice Periods.
  • Supports Employee Financial Records.
  • Supports a majority of Allowances.
  • Maintain information on Employee dependents.
  • Maintain general Employee Information.
  • Support for Airfare Tickets.
  • Notification Services for any document expiration by system generated e-mails.
  • Creates Annual Leave Balances.
  • Maintains Salary Scale according to Grade.
  • Maintains approved positions.
  • Creates Social Security Compensation levels.
  • Airfare Information (destination, value & beneficiary).

Leaves Management Module

The Leave Management Module administers all different types of leaves and absences with reference to the annual balance, along with providing notification processes for concerned management.

  • User defined Leave Categories.
  • Supports Holidays.
  • Supports Leave Schedules.
  • Supports Medical Leaves Rules & Regulations.
  • Supports Leave Requests.
  • Prompts User towards end of Leave duration.
  • Calculates Annual Leave accruals.
  • Brings forward Annual Leave balance at the end of each year.
  • Generates Holidays across the year.

Payroll Module

The Payroll Module is a tool to manage, control and analyze all aspects of Organizational Payroll expense. Supporting Government Laws & Regulations, along with Business Policies and Practices concerning compensation as well as benefits.

  • User defined Allowances/Deductions with relevant notes of Company Rules.
  • User set parameters to define Payroll calculation methods.
  • User defined Social Insurance contributions.
  • User defined Bonuses, Overtime and Profit Sharing.
  • Employee Loans Follow-up.
  • Standing Orders and other Fixed Deductions.
  • Full Integration with third party Financial Systems.
  • Security Procedures and Restricted Authorization facilities.
  • Return Payment facilities.
  • Advance Salary facilities.
  • End of Service Indemnity calculation.
  • Supports Monthly Budget.
  • Supports Salary Review.
  • Supports Monthly Bank Transfers through any type of media and Web Services.
  • Facility to run Payroll more than once while Month isn’t closed.

Training Module

The Training Module defines the training needs for each job by evaluating the differences between job requirements and employee profiles. The Module handles all aspects of planning and booking courses along with updating Employee Records accordingly.

  • Maintaining known languages.
  • Course Classification.
  • Courses, Materials and Skill Definitions.
  • Course Schedules.
  • Keeps track of expertise and skills.
  • Keeps track of Employee education.
  • Supports Training Plan.
  • Generates training needs.
  • Keeps skills up-to-date.
  • Manages the maintenance, scheduling internal and external courses and records new skills.

Performance Appraisal Module

The purpose of this module is to perform Annual Evaluation of employees based on forms containing elements and weights of every aspect related to job performance.

  • User defined Element Parameters.
  • User defined Evaluations Form Parameters.
  • Association of Forms & Employees.
  • Supports Evaluation Results.
  • Updates Employee Records according to latest performance review.
  • Managers control during Salary Review process.
  • Employee Notification of strong and weak points in reference to their Evaluation.

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