BA’s Time & Attendance Management System (eTAMS), is a monitoring system developed specifically for keeping track of Employee Attendance and Working Hours. Based on Fingerprint Identification, the system maintains Employee details pertaining to Arrival & Departure Time’s along with relevant details in reference to Departments, Shifts, Locations and Leaves Status. The User friendly Application and Devices eliminate paperwork as well as resources spent on tracking Employees.

Organization Chart Module

The Organization Chart Module maintains the Organization Structure up to five levels and defines types of current along with possible future positions of every individual within the Organization.

Attendance Management

HR can view and manage Employee Attendance on a Daily & Monthly basis as well generate Attendance Logs as per requirements (such as Date, Employee Name, etc.)

  • HR can view daily attendance through retrieving:
  • Attendance can also be printed, where the report will be in table sheet format.
  • HR can view monthly attendance records through specifying criteria. By default, attendance for the current view will be displayed. However Users can retrieve summaries of:
  • Automated generated Reports of all Employees for the current day, linked directly to the Fingerprint Identification Device.

Leaves Management

HR can manage and review Employee leaves on a daily as well as monthly basis. Complete records are automatically maintained along with Availed & Pending Leaves statuses.

Employee’s Leave Inbox

Employees submit their leave request to the HR Department in electronic formats, placing leave forms in the HR Inbox for further review as per required.

Access Reader Administration Server (ARAS)

ARAS is able to manipulate the reader devices in real time using the following information:

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